Telesmart provides all your essential communication infrastructure to enable effective voice, video and data collaboration.

Wide Area Network

The backbone of any successful business is a robust, secure and powerful Wide Area Network.

We design and manage bespoke network solutions that ensure quality of service and reliability.

We deliver the best connections across tier 1 carriers to ensure optimal performance and affordability. True system continuity and redundancy is achieved via our diverse carrier network.

We provide network security and hosted firewalling to ensure the integrity of your network, designed to your exact requirements.

What is a WAN and Why do I need one?

A WAN is typically utilised by organisations operating out of multiple office locations that require a secure, flexible and cost effective means for their employees to communicate and share information across a central computer network. Wide Area Networks form a proper foundation for a number of business critical applications including:

  • VoIP phone service
  • Centralized merchant transactions
  • Remote application
  • Access (Citrix)
  • Remote user access
  • File transfer/sharing
  • Video delivery
  • Secure access to internal software applications
  • Outsourced network management
  • Compliance requirements
  • Central data storage & backup
  • Improve collaboration and consolidate your critical services. Deliver voice, data and video applications (hosted, in the cloud or on premises) and connect to our web services partners, Amazon and Microsoft Azure.
  • Reduce Cost by sharing resources across sites (e.g. Servers, Firewalls)
  • Increase Productivity by having an on-network meeting space to house documents, applications, designs, & communicate over a secure & reliable core backbone.
  • Receive Network Reports providing comprehensive information about every monitored device and how they are performing.

Telesmart Managed WAN

We know that the quality of your entire customer experience, whether it be your end customers, partners, or your people rely on a fit for purpose, secure, and expertly managed Wide Area Network (WAN).
Telesmart design and manage bespoke WAN solutions for multisite organisations that share critical business applications and wish to improve digital collaboration and quality of service.

Telesmart WAN Solutions enable you to link all your locations together via a wide area data network and connect them to the Internet. Our highly reliable and scalable solutions can be based on a variety of wide-area transport technologies and network access methods. Count on our expert advice to choose the most appropriate solution based on the unique needs of your business.

Telesmart’s international transmission network is an MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) based network built on carrier grade Juniper routing infrastructure. We are connected to all the major carriers in New Zealand and Australia and have true international reach into Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and USA. This gives us significant flexibility over other providers. Some of the key benefits of our network are;

  • Improved security, that can be managed centrally reducing deployment, complexity and ongoing management costs.
  • Centrally hosted voice solutions are best delivered over a WAN connection where the quality of voice traffic can be guaranteed.
  • Flexibility. Multiple business units can run out of a single site but still maintain security of files, applications and other services specific to their business. They can also share services such as voice and follow me printing.
  • Centralised firewalling via Fortinet high availability UTM service backed up by Telesmart’s Juniper HA firewall solution.


Why Choose Telesmart for Managed WAN?

We provide the best connections across tier 1 carriers to ensure optimal performance and affordability.

  • Expert advice. Our dedicated team of network operations and security specialists have more than 60 years of experience between them
  • Comprehensive solution design service to meet your exact requirements
  • Virtual Private Network across Telesmart’s international IPv6 MPLS backbone
  • Diverse network backbone and customer premise connections to ensure continuity
  • 99.999% availability guaranteed across our MPLS backbone
  • Real time network monitoring with 24/7 network support
  • Fully managed firewall security. We continually monitor and protect our network
  • Amazon AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure Express Route available
  • Connect to our voice and video solutions (hosted, cloud or on premise) to ensure smart management of your entire communication platform
  • High capacity, uncontended network
  • Managed migrations
  • Customised QoS ensures prioritisation of real time communications and key applications

How we work with you

Our solution architects and service teams will work with you to design the optimum managed network solution suited to your business needs. We will accurately match the right internet connectivity services to your performance; availability, security and budget requirements.

Working with Telesmart removes the burden of project managing and carrying out the migration and delivery of your network yourself, saving you time.

We take care of the ongoing 24×7 management and monitoring of your service. However, you retain the control you need with access to around the clock support and online reporting.

We work with you to ensure your service is continually optimised to meet your needs.