The demand for retirement villages is likely to grow substantially in the coming years. Statistics New Zealand predicts that the population of New Zealand who are in the 75+ age group will be 10% of the total population by 2033.

Technology has at least three important roles

For residents, tools such as smartphones, apps and devices will become increasingly important as a way of allowing older people to maintain autonomy, dignity and a better quality of life.

For the care infrastructure, technology is making it increasingly easier to monitor a person’s health and communicate health information.

Corporate and village management will need better tools to manage growing operations
and comply with governance and regulatory requirements.

Platform for simplicity

All the connectivity and communication tools needed by an aged care organization are delivered by the Telesmart platform.

We make it simple for the residents to connect with their friends, family and community, and get the support they need from the village.

We make it simple for on-site management to deliver care, maintain the village and meet their sales, reporting and governance goals.

We make it simple for the corporate office to monitor the business, deliver great service, and expand and grow.

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